Teleconsole: Access your shell in private networks - Even in China!

A good solution to a common problem

Nowadays is very common to work from computers that are NATed to an Internal IP, even some ISPs are not assigning external IPs to their household customers.

Of course, this problem is common while working in an office and it is even more concurrent in China, where all internet users have the ports of their internet connections blocked for obvious reasons. The problem became even bigger when in major cities of China (at least Beijing where I live and Shanghai) they switched their customers from external to internal IPs.

I wanted to get access to my workstation at home from the outside, but how I do that if my ISP only gives me an internal IP and there is no way to open ports? The obvious solution is a reverse proxy or to play with SSH tunneling and cloud servers. I found a tool that does just that, but in a very simplified and beautiful way and it is, of course, open source: teleconsole

Here a video from the creators that explains very nicely how it works: